EasyJet Chairman John Bariton to Step Down in 2022

The chairman London based low priced airline group Easyjet Airline (LON: EZJ) John Bariton will be stepping down from the position come 2022. This is because his nine year tenure as the company’s chairman will be coming to an end on May 2022.

In a public issued statement, the company says it has already started the process of recruiting its next chairman whose first task at hand will be to see the airline out of the plunge it has suffered courtesy of the pandemic.

Bariton says he remains fully committed to his role until the last day of his tenure elapses. Under the company’s governance framework, the chairman can only serve for a non-renewable tenure of nine years. This is also the maximum recommended corporate governance period.

The company has since hired the services of an executive search agency to assist in finding the incoming chairman and ensure a smooth transition.

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