Google Fined $123 Million by Italy For Abusing Its Dominance

Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) owned search engine Google has been slapped with a $123 million fine by Italy’s competition watchdog for abusing its dominance in Android mobile Operating System and its app store Google Play.

The antitrust regulator says that almost 75% of Italy’s smartphone users use Android Operating System together with its inbuilt app store Google Play.

Through android and the app store Google Play, Google has a dominant position which allows it to control the reach app developers have on final users,” said the regulator.

The competition regulator is accusing Google of denying JuicePass, an electric vehicle (EV) services app from Enel X, an opportunity to run on Android Auto, an app which allows Android users to access other apps while driving.

According to the regulator, this action is one which unfairly limited the use of JuicePass while giving an advantage to Google owned Google maps.

For two years now, Google has denied the app from Enel X access to Android Auto a situation which curtails growth rate of the company.

The contested conduct can influence the development of e-mobility in a crucial phase with possible negative spill-over effects on the spreading of electric vehicles,” added the regulator.

In addition of the fine, Google has also been directed to add JuicePass app on its Android Auto.

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