South Korea’s President Using His Last Year in Office to Find a Permanent Peace Deal With North Korea

The President of South Korea Moon Jae-in says that he will be using his last year in office as the last chance to find a permanent peace deal between North Korea and South Korea which have remained fierce rivals since time immemorial.

The President made the sentiments on May 10 while giving his speech in a meeting marking his fourth year as South Korea’s President. The announcement comes barely days before President Moon’s summit with his U.S counterpart Joe Biden slated for May 21 in Washington.

I will consider the remaining one year of my term to be the last opportunity to move from an incomplete peace toward one that is irreversible. Now, the time for long deliberations is also coming to an end. It is time to take action,” said President Moon.

It is highly expected that in the upcoming summit with President Biden, Moon will push for United States to engage North Korea especially concerning Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programmes.

Since President Biden took power, he has shown no interest to engage North Korea contrary to his predecessor President Trump who was geared towards striking a deal with North Korea. Trump went down in history as the first United State President to set foot in North Korea.

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