China to Start Banning Some Mobile App Notifications

The Chinese internet watchdog, Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) says that it will start banning some mobile app notifications as part of measures China’s administration is taking to reduce the influence of technology companies have over day to day lives of Chinese citizens.

For a while now, China’s government has been complaining over the growing influence of technology companies which might grow out hand if left unchecked. The CAC says it will strengthen guidance and control of mobile app information sources.

In addition, the regulator will restrict the number of notifications as part of efforts aiming to bring order to online environment. The CAC will be banning all media-related mobile applications from sending notifications from independent social media accounts operating in violation of the regulations.

The internet watchdog will further filter what it deems as harmful and undesirable information, this was announced by Xie Dengke, spokesman of CAC, he however did not mention any specific  mobile applications or social media account which will be affected by the new regulations.

CAC will also join hands with financial regulators to rectify self-published financial accounts that have been spreading false information. The regulator will also be cracking whip on the financial technology sector.

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