China Denounces G7 for Supporting Taiwan

China has condemned the G7 following a summit held by G7 foreign ministers which expressed support for Taiwan which China claims it lies in part of its territories. The ministers further termed China as a bully when it comes to matters between China and Taiwan.

China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin has come out fiercely condemning sentiments from the G7 meeting terming them as gross interference into the internal affairs of China by the G7.

The G7 summit was held in London in which the G7 foreign ministers found China guilty of abusing human rights and using coercive economic policies. G7 said it will be using combined efforts to stop this.

G7 openly and unexpectedly declared they will be supported Taiwan’s participation in World Health Assembly and World Health Organization forums further expressing concern that it might escalate tensions between China and Taiwan further.

Weinbin terms accusations from G7 as unverified and a wanton destruction to the norms of international relations.

The G7 as a group should take concrete action to boost the global economic recovery instead of disrupting it. They should not criticise and interfere in other countries with a high-and-mighty attitude, undermining the current top priority of international anti-pandemic cooperation,” said Weinbin.

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