Tesla Facing Intense Scrutiny in China Over Safety

United States based leading electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc. (TSLA) is facing intense scrutiny in China concerning the safety of its vehicles and following customer service complaints.

Sources directly linked to the matter disclosed that the company is holding talks with regulators in mainland China to try and improve its relation with the China’s authorities. The company seems to have shifted its strategy to behind the scenes interactions with authorities in China when there are concerns which need to be addressed.

This development comes at a time when Chinese authorities are on the process of trying to put large and powerful companies operating in China under control especially in the technology sector where the said companies have been enjoying unmatched market dominance.

Normally, when there are matter which needs to be addressed, Tesla holds high-profile industry conferences to sort the issue or even do it through social networks especially the company’s chief executive Elon Musk who often takes it on twitter to address matters.

However, in the past few weeks Tesla has been changing its approach, the company has been holding behind the scenes policy discussions regarding car recycling, carbon emissions and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication technologies.

Sources involved in the matter said that Tesla is expanding its relationship with China’s administration.

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