Russia Says Location and Date For Biden-Putin’s Meeting Yet to be Agreed Upon

Russia says the date and venue for a crucial meeting between U.S President Joe Biden and his Russia counterpart President Vladimir Putin is yet to g agreed upon by both parties.

In recent times, tensions between the two countries have been building up slowly by slowly. United States has been making accusations against Russia including Russia sponsoring a massive hacking in which high profile U.S government entities and corporates were hacked.

Just last week, United States had announced slapping Russia with more sanctions due to involvement in such activities. On its side, Russia retaliated by saying they aren’t afraid by any sanction from United States further adding they are prepared for anything.

Kremlin says there are many factors that need to be considered before setting up the summit between the two leaders.

A Russian news agency the RIA, reported that this meeting could take place between 15 to 16 June. However, the newspaper failed to reveal the source of its information.

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