France to Impose Sanctions on Russia if Putin’s Critic Dies

France has send a stern warning to Russia that it will be imposing sanctions on the nation in a case where President’s Vladamir Putin fierce critic  Alexei Navalny who is under detention dies of hunger.

Navalny who is aged 44, has been under detention for fearlessly criticizing the administration of President Putin. Sources are revealing that Navalny is hunger stricken and currently weak and thin because of starving himself for three weeks in the prison.

This announcement was made by France’s foreign minister Jean-Yves Le who said this starvation could result to a cardiac arrest or a kidney failure. The minister says in possible scenario of imposing sanctions to Russia the European Union will move as a block on the matter.

This relentless attack on Navalny is unbearable. We will take the necessary sanctions and it will be the responsibility of Mr Putin and the Russian authorities. I hope we won’t go to that extreme,” said Jean-Yves Le.

Not long ago, Russia deployed thousands of military troops at its border with eastern Ukraine. The minister describes this act as an ‘authoritarian shift’ further adding President Putin can be strange at times but it’s important to hold talks over the matter as soon as it can happen.

He (Putin) is an awkward neighbor sometimes dangerous, but he is still there so we need to continue to talk. I don’t think it’s Russia’s desire to carry out military action against Ukraine, but having troops on the border poses risks of accidents,” added the minister.

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