Lisa Monaco Confirmed by U.S Senate as Deputy Attorney General

Lisa Monaco, the nominee of President Joe Biden has been approved by the United States Senate to assume the office of deputy attorney general meaning she will be second in command at the U.S Department of Justice.

The senate voted 98:2 in favor of Monaco’s appointment to the office expressing overwhelming confidence in her. Monaco has past experiences in criminal and national security investigations, as well as the entire U.S. Attorney’s Offices across 94 districts.

Upon being sworn in, among her first tasks at hand will be to assist in supervising the sprawling investigation of January 6 when the U.S Capitol was attacked by a group aligned to former U.S President Donald Trump.

Over 410 people are facing accusations of taking part in the unfortunate event ranging from minor trespassing offense to serious allegations like assaulting the police and attempting to block Congress from executing its mandate.

Second in line, Monaco will face the issue of Russia spearheading a hacking spree in United States targeting government institutions and major cooperates in the country.

Prior to the nomination Monaco was performing multiple jobs for the White House and the Justice Department.

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