Microsoft Spending $1 Billion to Build Data Centers in Malaysia

The Prime Minister of Malaysia Muhyiddin Yassin revealed that U.S tech giant Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) will be investing $1 billion to set up data centers across Malaysia in the next five years.

Prime Minister Yassing says the project will be as a new partnership between government entities and the private sector.

As part of the Bersama Malaysia initiative, Microsoft will establish its first datacentre region, which consists of multiple data centres, in Malaysia to manage data from various countries,” said the Prime Minister.

This investment will be the biggest investment by Microsoft in Malaysia and it comes nearly two months after Malaysia gave out conditional approvals to search engine Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) e-commerce giant Amazon Inc. (AMZN) and Malaysia state owned telecommunications companies to set up hyper-scale data centers and provide cloud computing services.

The government says investments from the service cloud providers will amount into between $2.91 billion-$3.64 billion (12 billion ringgit and 15 billion ringgit) in the next five years.


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