Godzilla vs. Kong Still Topping Box Office Third Week After it Was Released

The movie Godzilla vs. Kong still holds the top position in Box Office three weeks after the movie was released. The movie remains available on HBO Max to subscribers, which means individuals who pay for the streaming service can watch it at no additional cost.

Warner Bros. said all HBO Max subscribers will be able to watch all their 2021 released movies at no extra cost.

Ticket sales for the movie have also been recording notable numbers. Productions companies Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures have so far collected over $80.5 million in North America tally sales.

Many are betting that this will be the first movie to hit the $100 million mark in Canada and the Unites States since the pandemic set foot.

Coming far second is action thriller ‘Nobody’ the movie secured second position after garnering $2.5 million. The movie produced by Universal Pictures was released four weeks ago and so far it has made $19 million in the U.S. and $34 million across the world.

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