Prince Harry Arrives in England for Burial of Prince Phillip

Prince Harry has jetted in the United Kingdom for preparations and attendance of Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburg who passed away on April 9 at Windsor Castle.

Prince Harry who is the grandson of Prince Phillip, arrived in London using a British Airways flight from Los Angeles on April 11. In recent times, Prince Harry and his wife Megan have been saying not so much good things about the royal family.

Megan Markle won’t be attending the burial because she is pregnant with their second born child. Megan was refrained from attending the event by their personal doctor.

According to the latest issued measures to combat the pandemic in the UK, Prince Harry will have to quarantine first so than he can be allowed to attend the burial ceremony at Windsor Castle.

Price Philip died aged 99 and his body is lying in the Private Chapel at Windsor Castle awaiting the burial.


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