Toyota Launches New Cars With Advanced Driving Technology

Japan based automotive manufacturer Toyota Motor Corp. (TYO: 7203) has unveiled a string of new cars which are equipped with advanced driving assist technology. This advanced technology allows safe driving and wireless software updates.

Toyota unveiled its new Lexus and Mirai models in Japan as the only cars equipped with the new technology at the moment but it will be spread to other models in due time.

The luxurious sedan Lexus LS will be available for sale starting from April 8 and it will be going for 16.3 million to 17.9 million yen. The second generation Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car will be going for between 8.4 million to 8.6 million yen and the car will be available for sale starting from April 12.

The new driving assist technology also known as advance drive, is a level 2 self-driving system which helps drivers with driving conditions in tasks like changing lanes on expressways, maintaining the car in its lane and maintaining distance from other cars.

Chief operating officer of the company James Kuffner, says this is really a remarkable milestone on the company’s journey towards software-first development.

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