U.S and Iran to Hold Indirect Talks About Bolted 2015 Nuclear Deal

The United States and Iran are set to hold indirect talks concerning the failed 2015 nuclear deal between the two countries. This deal was thwarted after the administration of former U.S President Trump failed to reach a consensus with Iran on some issues.

The two parties will be holding indirect talks on the nuclear deal in Vienna with an aim of coming back to full compliance of the 2015 nuclear deal.

Following withdrawal from the deal in 2018, President’s Trump administration imposed a series of sanctions to Iran which left the country’s economy on its knees. Ever since, Iran has been dismissing any attempt to any direct or indirect negotiations between the two parties.

Iran Foreign Minister Saeed Khatibzadeh, says their top agenda for the meeting is to ensure U.S removes all the sanctions against Iran failure to which nothing less will be accepted under any conditions.

What other parties to the deal do is their business. Where and how they negotiate with the United States is up to them. The Iranian delegation will not have any talks with the U.S. delegation in Vienna at any level,” added the Minister.

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