Gatik Working With Isuzu to Build Autonomous Delivery Trucks

Startup developing technology for deploying autonomous vehicles for short-haul logistics Gatik is partnering with Isuzu North America Corp to build autonomous delivery trucks which Gatik will be using to serve its retail clients better.

Silicon Valley based Gatik works with other companies including retailer Walmart Inc. (WMT) in Louisiana and Arkansas and Loblaw Companies Ltd in Canada to deliver goods from warehouses to stores using autonomous trucks with safety drivers.

Without a doubt, during the pandemic the company has been registering increases sales at grocery stores. Gatik’s co-founder and CEO Gautam Narang, says they are now focusing to be a delivery service provider for retailers using autonomous technology instead of selling the technology to automakers.

What I can share is our revenue is in the millions. So this is not a free service that we offer,” added the CEO.

The partnership between Isuzu and Gatik will only be limited to United States and Canada. Isuzu will be providing engineering support to Gatik by adding new technology to its Series N medium-duty trucks.

CEO Narang says they are preparing to fully test autonomous delivery in Arkansas later this year because they received an approval on the same in December.

We actually worked with the Arkansas State Highway Commission to get the approval to take the driver out,” said Narang.

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