Facebook Accused of Leaking Personal Data of Over 500 Million Users

Pioneer social media platform Facebook Inc. (FB) is being accused of leaking personal data of at least 500 million users of the Facebook social network. A hacker group is claiming to be in possession of personal data belong to over 500 million users.

This set of data includes mobile numbers and other personal data. However, this database appears to be same as another which has been rounds hackers’ platforms in the internet since January.

Citing Alon Gal, co-founder of Hudson Rock an Israeli cybercrime intelligence company, this information was first disclosed by technology website, Motherboard.

This leaked data is being bought from a well-known site for low-level hackers. Gal said he bought the data and compared it with phone numbers of people he knew and unfortunately the information checked out.

Other journalists working on this development claim they have also matched known phone numbers to the details in the data leak.

In its response, Facebook dismisses these claims further saying this data leak is very old and linked to a data breach issue it fixed in 2019.

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