U.S and China Trade War Creating New Tech Risks Says Taiwan’s Economy Minister

Taiwan is now worried that the extended trade war between United States and China is now creating a whole bunch of new technology risks in Taiwan which has emerged as a chip manufacturing powerhouse in Asia and the world at large.

Taiwan is concerned the war is pushing China to poaching tech talent from Taiwan or even stealing semiconductor technology to boost China’s semiconductor industry to self-sufficient levels.

For a long time now, Taiwan has managed to maintain its status as the world leading chip manufacturer. According to Taiwan’s Economy Minister Wang Mei-hua, Taiwan is really worried that China is seeking to duplicate its success in chip manufacturing using fair or foul means provided it gets them there.

Affected by the U.S.-China technology war, the development of mainland China’s semiconductor industry has been obstructed, but they are still committed to the industry’s development. In order to achieve self-sufficiency in the supply chain, poaching and infiltration are the quickest way for mainland China to do this,” said the Economy Minister.

The deputy head of Taiwan National Security Bureau, Hu Mu-yuan, believes the efforts being made by China are not only a threat to China but also to South Korea and Japan. Hu, further says China’s efforts pose a threat to fair competition and global trade.

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