Germany Extending Lockdown Until April 18 to Curtail COVID-19 Spread During Easter

Germany will be extending its lockdown measures until April 18 in efforts to curtail spread of the deadly virus during the Easter holidays which normally lasts for around five days.

The European country is currently battling a third wave of the deadly virus and it says lifting movement restrictions during this time might turn out more harmful especially now the virus is registering new variants which are said to be more brutal.

We are now basically in a new pandemic. The British mutation has become dominant. Fundamentally, we face a new virus of the same kind but with very different characteristics. More deadly, more infectious, and infectious for longer,” said Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Earlier in the month, Merkel was persuading fellow leaders in the country to have a strong stance against the pandemic. This was after the country had begun a gradual reopening of its economy then it started recording increasing new infection of the new variant of the virus.

The rapid increasing numbers of new infections signaled that Germany was risking a situation which its healthcare facilities would soon be overstretched hence the company reverted the gradual reopening plans

As per the update, Germans will stay at home for five days beginning April 1 they will also maintain contact levels at minimum possible.

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