Greece to Roll Out COVID-19 Self-Testing Kits Starting Next Month

Greece says that it will start distributing COVID-19 self-testing kits beginning from next month for individuals to test themselves and determine their status against the deadly virus. The government said it will be giving out the self-testing kits for free.

The country has been recording spiking numbers in new infections of the virus, the government says this measure is made to ease the pressure public health care facilities have been experiencing related to the increasing new infections.

The Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis, says every person with a social security number will be entitled to receive up to four testing kits in a month. These kits will be distributed through pharmacies.

It is a new tool in the country’s battle against the pandemic. The tests will allow better epidemiological monitoring, and of course prevention,” added the Prime Minister.

As per the Prime Minister these self-testing kits have an accuracy rate of between 95% to 99% additionally they are said to be easier to carry out than the other tests which need saliva and nasal samples.

After the self-testing people who turn out positive are expected to report to the health authorities who will take it from there by starting the contact tracing process.

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