Microsoft Dispatches Update to Fix Teams Technical Hitch

Leading Technology Company Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) has dispatched an updated to fix some technical hitches which had affected several services controlled by Microsoft including, workplace messaging app Teams among other services.

Citing numbers from tracking website, over 26,000 individuals had reported glitches linked to Teams and another 3,500 people had reported hitches linked to Office 365.

Additional data from the website shows an extra 2,300 people reported issues with Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing services.

The website tracks glitches by collecting and combining data on user-submitted errors on its platform and also status reports from various sources.

In a tweet by Microsoft, the company confirmed having dispatched the update to fix the issues further saying the glitches were linked to a recent change to an authentication system.

According to Microsoft’s service status page, users may still face issues accessing Microsoft 365 services but and Exchange Online are fully fixed and running efficiently.

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