China Launches Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates for Cross-Border Travels

On March 9 China launched digital COVID-19 vaccination certificates for Chinese citizens planning cross-border travels. China becomes the latest entry into the list of countries which are issuing such certificates as the world is looking into ways to open economies which have been greatly affected by the pandemic.

Vaccines are being rolled out across the world and several countries like Bahrain and others have already launched certificates identifying vaccinated individuals.

In the Europe continent, the European Union agreed to develop vaccine passports, the move was prompted by immense pressure emanating from South Europe countries which significantly rely on tourism to push their economies.

Citing a post from the website of Department of Consular Affairs under China’s foreign ministry, the certificate issued by China’s government will have details about the holder’s COVID-19 vaccination information and coronavirus test results.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, said the aim of the certificate is to show mutual verification of information such as vaccination and nucleic acid testing. Additionally, the certificate will also contribute to safe and orderly interaction of people.

China is currently engaging various countries to ensure they will recognize these COVID-19 certificates.


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