White House Tracking Emergency Patch Dispatched by Microsoft

The White House said that it’s keeping a close watch on an emergency patch recently dispatched by tech giant Microsoft Corp. (MSFT). This patch was released after an unknown hacking group recently hacked systems of organizations using a flaw in Microsoft’s server software.

This was announced by President’s Biden national security advisor Jake Sullivan on twitter. “We are closely tracking Microsoft’s emergency patch for previously unknown vulnerabilities in Exchange Server software and reports of potential compromises of U.S. think tanks and defense industrial base entities,” tweeted Sullivan.

In addition Sullivan urged network owners to install the emergency patch as soon as they can, he even pasted the link for the security update on his tweet.

A while back Texas based software company SolarWinds Corp. (SWI) was hacked this served as a wakeup call to corporates both in the private and public sector. Since the hack, products and services offered my Microsoft have been under scrutiny.

It is alleged that hackers have been taking advantage of how clients have set up their various Microsoft services to compromise their targets or even penetrate into affiliated networks.

In an email dispatched by Microsoft, the hackers who penetrated SolarWinds were the same people responsible for penetrating Microsoft and downloading source code.

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