China Developing Tech to Deal With Misbehaving Apps and Data Leaks

China is in the process of developing a new technology to help in dealing with misbehaving applications in the wide mobile app market. This technology will also be used to personal data leakage loopholes.

This announcement was made on March 1 by China’s minister of industry and information technology Xiao Yaqing.

Those apps that refuse to accept rectification must be resolutely removed. On the supervision side, we must also improve our technical equipment capabilities we must be able to detect loopholes in information protection, so that the masses can use apps with confidence,” said the minister.

In the recent times China has been systematically carrying out crackdowns on Chinese tech giants as a way of punishing them against a wide range of issues including violations on consumer rights, mishandling of personal user data, anti-competitive behavior among other issues.

Back in December, China’s tech industry regulators forced companies to suspend apps for rectifications. Thereafter, the regulator implemented new measures aimed at limiting mobile applications collection of personal data.

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