ByteDance Appoints its Head of News in China to Head Tiktok’s Research and Development

The parent company of short video sharing app TikTok ByteDance has resolved to move its chief news aggregator in China Jinri Toutiao, Zhu Wenjia to Singapore where he will be in charge of global research and development for TikTok.

This latest development was revealed by sources involved in the matter who further said the newly created position will be the first senior research and development position for TikTok. Zhu will be in charge of TikTok’s algorithms, technologies and products.

According to the sources, this position will be equal to that of TikTok’s interim manager Vanessa Pappas hence Zhu will be reporting directly to ByteDance founder and Chief Executive Zhang Yiming.

Late last year reports started making rounds suggesting that TikTok had shifted its key key research capabilities outside China following pressure from the administration of former U.S President Donald Trump.

The reports further indicated that TikTok was approaching employees from leading tech companies for the post of a senior engineer.

The administration of current U.S President Joe Biden says that it’s looking into the risks TikTok might pose to United States data adding it hadn’t  taken any proactive step concerning TikTok’s pending deal.

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