Facebook Will be Pulling Down Misleading Claims against Coronavirus Vaccines

Leading social network Facebook Inc. (FB) announced it will be pulling down false health claims about coronavirus vaccines being peddled across its various social platforms. Some of these false claims imply the vaccines are toxic and cause autism.

In a detailed blog post, Facebook says it has noticed an increased spread of this type of misinformation concerning coronavirus vaccines some even claiming the virus was manufactured by man.

Facebook says henceforth it will be taking down such false claims across its platforms without favor or any exceptions. Ads linked to the same misinformation will also be pulled down.

The company sends a warning to Facebook pages, groups and accounts which have such false information and have been sharing repeatedly with other groups or accounts to either delete them or Facebook will delete such accounts.

Facebook has also introduced tougher measures policies to curb spread of this misinformation it terms continuous spread of this false information as very risky with imminent harm.

Two months ago, Facebook had said it would take down false information about the vaccines which had been debunked by health experts. However, the company claims in recent weeks it has been experiencing spread of the same information across Facebook groups, pages and Instagram accounts.

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