Walmart Will be Using Robots to Fill Online Orders in Some U.S Stores

U.S based multinational retail company Walmart Inc. (WMT) said it will be introducing small robots to some of its warehouses in the United States which will be helping in filling orders for pick-ups and deliveries.

These robots will be working behind human personnel, they will be picking refrigerated and frozen foods. The robots will also be picking smaller merchandise items from the warehouses or local fulfillment centers.

Walmart says these smaller merchandise items include thousands of frequently purchased items.

The company says since the coronavirus pandemic set foot Americans shifted to online shopping thereby increasing the workload in their warehouses hence the need of these robots to assist staff working in the warehouses.

Walmart said staff members who work in the stores will move to the sales floor to fetch fresh produce, seafood, meat and larger general merchandise items including consumer electronics like TV panels. Others will go back to finish assembling orders.

The company operates 5,000 stores across the United States it didn’t disclose how many stores will be equipped with the robots however it said it was planning dozens of locations with many more to come.

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