Google Halts Donations to U.S Congress Members Who Voted Against Election Results

Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) the parent company of Google products will be stopping contributions to United States congress members who voted against November presidential election results.

The company made this announcement making it clear that any member who voted against certifying the results of  the hotly contested Presidential elections won’t receive further donations from its political action committee.

Following that review, the NetPAC board has decided that it will not be making any contributions this cycle to any member of Congress who voted against certification of the election results,” said Google.

In the beginning of the month, when the U.S Capitol was attacked by supporters of former President Trump with intentions of stopping the Congress from certifying President’s Bien win, Google suspended all political contributions taking some time to reevaluate its policies towards political contributions.

After the shameful incidence, major companies threatened and others suspended making their donations to Republican members in the Congress. The corporates are now reviewing their policies.

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