Google Inks Content Payment Deal With France

The parent company of Google Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) announced having inked a content payment deal with France. This agreement comes at a time when Google is at loggerheads with some European countries concerning establishment of a copyright framework U.S based tech giants should use to pay news publishers for their content.

This agreement opens doors for individual licensing agreements for French publications, some of these publishers claim their revenues have declined sharply due to increase of internet use and deadlines in print circulations.

In a joint statement by Google and the Alliance de la presse d’information générale (APIG) they said the deal included some variables like monthly internet traffic, contribution to political and general information and daily volume of publications.

Google’s lawyer said the company views the deal as a sustainable way to pay publishers. Other tech giants like Facebook Inc. (FB) are expected to borrow a page from this deal and strike a deal with publishers.

So far, Google has signed licensing agreements with several publishers in France including daily national newspapers namely; Le Monde and Le Figaro. A spokesperson from Google the licensing agreement with the two newspapers took into account what was agreed with APIG.

Google didn’t reveal what they will be distributing to APIG or the formula they’ll be using to compute for the remunerations.

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