Turkey Imposes Advertising Ban on Twitter, Pinterest and Periscope

Turkey announced having imposed advertising bans on three social media platforms including Twitter, Pinterest and Periscope. On January 19, Information and Communication Technologies Authority in Turkey published an official Gazette notice under the new social media law imposing advertising bans on the above social platforms.

Citing the Gazette notice, the ban came into effect same day it was published.

According to the law, social media networks are now required to appoint local representatives in Turkey. A day before this announcement, Facebook Inc. (FB) together with other social media companies said they would be appointing local representatives in Turkey.

Roughly about a month ago, Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) owned YouTube said it had resolved to appoint a local representative in the country.

Some previous months ago, leading social networks among them Youtube, Facebook and Twitter were at loggerheads with Turkey for not abiding by the law with Turkey threatening to slap the companies with hefty fines.

According to the new law, Turkey’s authorities will be able to remove content from these social platforms contrary to before when the best they would do was to block content.

Any social media company which won’t comply with the new law will have their bandwidth reduced by 90% therefore blocking access.

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