Facebook and Twitter Temporarily Suspends Trump’s Accounts

Leading social media network Facebook Inc. (FB) and Twitter Inc. (TWTR) temporarily blocked the accounts of outgoing U.S President Donald trump from posting following chaos and riots emanating from unproved claims about election fraud from President Trump.

Trump supporters stormed the U.S capitol on Jan 6 rioting in attempts to force congress to stop the appointment of U.S President elect Joe Biden.

Following violent acts from the riots, four people died on Capitol grounds among them a woman shot and killed instantly inside the building.

These chaos and acts of violent have been propelled by President Trump’s continued unproved accusations of election fraud.

Twitter hid and removed three of President Trump’s tweets ‘as a result of the unprecedented and ongoing violent situation in Washington D.C’. In one of the tweets Trump said storming the building was a natural response.

In another tweet, Trump blamed his Vice President Mike pence for lacking the courage to pursue election fraud claims.

Twitter blocked Trump’s account giving him 12 hours to delete the tweets and remove a video in which he claims the elections were fraudulent further urging voters to go home. Failure to delete the above, Twitter says Trump’s account will remain suspended.

Facebook and YouTube deleted removed the video in question across their social platforms.

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