Facebook Director of Product Management Resigns

Director of Product Management at leading social media company Facebook Inc. (FB) Rob Leathern has resigned from the company according to an internal company’s post.

His resignations comes immediately after handling Facebook’s ad products linked to sensitive matters such as misinformation about coronavirus pandemic and much anticipated United States Presidential elections concluded about two months ago.

The former chief of advertising integrity at Facebook had earlier informed Facebook’s internal network that he would be leaving the company on the last day of 2020. Nonetheless, his exit had not been announced earlier.

In the post, Leathern indicated he would be leaving Facebook to work on consumer privacy beyond just ads and social media. He however failed to reveal where he will be heading next after his unexpected Facebook exit.

When it came to political advertising policies, Leathern served as the public face of Facebook. During concluded U.S presidential elections, Facebook received heavy criticism for allowing misinforming and misleading information to spread widely across its various social media platforms.

Leathern had served as chief of ad integrity in Facebook for four years.

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