Amazon to Reward U.S Front Line Workers With $500 Million Holiday Bonuses

World’s largest e-commerce company Amazon Inc. (AMZN) will be rewarding its United States based front line workers working during the holiday season during the pandemic with one time holiday bonuses totaling up to $500 million.

Citing a blog post from the company’s website, full time employees of the company working in the United States From December 1 all through to December 31 will receive a bonus of $300 each while those working part time in the same time frame will be receiving a bonus $150 each.

The company undertook a similar exercise back in June when it disbursed another $500 million as bonuses to its front line workers and partners. Similarly the bonuses were also a one-time payment.

During the pandemic time, movement restrictions have resulted to a surge in online shopping this means workers in these online retailers have been overworking to cater for the increasing demand.

Other online retailers like Walmart Inc. (WMT) and Home Depot Inc. (HD) disbursed bonuses to compensate their workers who have been working round the clock during the pandemic time.

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