FCC Maintains ZTE Still Poses a National Threat to the Security of United States

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) still believes that Chinese telecommunication company ZTE Corp. (SHE: 000063) poses a national threat to the security of United States, the agency made the sentiments after turning down a request by ZTE to reconsider its decision upon the company.

Mid last year FCC barred two Chinese tech giants Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp from undertaking any tech infrastructure initiative in the United States following spying allegations.

Thereafter, President Trump signed an executive order barring U.S companies from using any telecommunication equipment manufactured by any company listed as a national threat to security of the United States.

President’s Trump administration went a step further designating these two Chinese tech companies prohibiting U.S companies from securing any tech equipment from the companies.

A week ago FCC announced prolonging the time frame to address petition filed by Huawei to December 11 saying they want to have enough time to fully and adequately consider the voluminous record.

Come December10, the FCC will be voting on rules set to guide network carriers on how to remove and replace equipment of companies posing threat to national security from their networks.

Last year the FCC voted to deny two Chinese state owned telecommunication companies right to provide U.S services alleging that China can use the approval to spy on the U.S government. The agency also disclosed that it might shut down U.S operations of another three Chinese state owned telecommunication companies due to spying claims.

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