Nexi Seeking to Merge With Nets in an $8 Billion Deal

Italian based bank which specializes on payment systems Nexi SpA (BIT: NEXI) has prolonged its exclusive merger talks with Nets up to November 16. The company made the announcement when it was reporting its third quarter results.

In the beginning of the month, Nexi opened discussions over a potential $8 billion merger deal. The company just finalized a multi-billion merger agreement with Milan based SIA.

Nexi commenced merger talks with Nets on November 2, initially the talks were to last for only 10 days additionally Nexi had said the merger would be an all share one.

Chief Executive Officer of Nexi Paolo Bertoluzzo said the merger talks were making positive progress however they needed some more time to finalize on a few things before closing the deal.

We’re very keen to make it happen, both sides,” said the CEO.

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