Apple Introduces MacBook Using Its Own Processor

Tech giant Apple Inc. (AAPL) introduced MacBook Air notebook together with other devices which for the first time will be using its own in-house designed processor in a move that will even technologically link Apple’s devices closer together.

The new processor chip dubbed the M1 is seen as a breakthrough by developers since it will allow the developers to develop applications which can run on both IPhones and MacBooks. This has been a challenge for the company.

The company said the MacBook Pro notebook will also be powered by the M1 chip and it will be going for $1299, the MacBook Air will be going for $999 and Mac mini computer which comes without a monitor will be going for $699.

The MacBook Air will be having twice the battery life compared to its predecessor, the price will be similar for the devices. The company’s executive said the new devices will be available in on weeks’ time.

This move marks the shift of Apple using chips from Intel Corp (INTC) which the company has been using for over a decade and half. Back in June Apple announced it would begin equipping its own devices with its own chips which it had been developing for quite a while.

Patrick Moorhead, founder of Moor Insights & Strategy believes that Apple will be saving around $150 to $200 per chip by using its own processing chips in its devices.

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