Facebook and Twitter Suspends Accounts Spreading Misinformation About U.S Elections

Leading social media networks Facebook Inc. (FB) and Twitter Inc. (TWTR) have suspended multiple accounts which have been passing across misinformation about ongoing U.S elections. Most of these accounts are newly created and they have been violating policies of these social media platforms.

Twitter said it suspended the involved accounts for posting identical posts which appeared independent or engaging in other covertly automated behavior. The content violated Twitter’s policy on against coordination.

One of the suspended accounts by Twitter SVNewsAlerts, had more than 78,000 followers Twitter says in the last week the account gained over 10,000 followers.

This account was periodically warning of election related chaos further pointing out issues concerning safety voting and reliability.

Some other accounts suspended by Twitter include Crisis_Intel , Faytuks and FJNewsReporter. The three accounts have been suggesting to their readers to follow other related accounts.

Facebook suspended several accounts linked to SV News and FJ News the company says these accounts portrayed inauthentic behavior. Some the suspended pages were closely read by the media in Russia. The SV page had more than 20,000 followers.

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