Amazon Withdraws From Black Friday ad Campaign in France

Leading e-commerce company Amazon Inc. (AMZN) has withdrawn from running ads for pre-Black Friday discounts in France. This comes moment after the French government said the campaign was relatively unfair to small retailers especially at a time when the pandemic has forced the European nation into a lockdown.

French government argues that the lockdown has forced these small retailers to shutdown hence the Black Friday offers from Amazon will even disadvantage them further.

The country entered into a second lockdown on September 30 following increasingly spiking numbers of new infections and fatalities. Under the second lockdown, non-essential stores are supposed to be closed.

Agnes Pannier-Runchaer, French Junior Economy Minister said she had requested Amazon to halt the pre Black Friday campaigns in the meanwhile.

It was not at all appropriate at a time when 200,000 businesses will have to shut their doors,” said the Junior Economy Minister.

A spokeswoman of Amazon said the company has agreed to stop its pre-Black Friday sales radio advertising campaign at the moment.

The suspended campaigns were to run all through October 26 up to November 19. The Junior Economy Minister said in due Amazon will be allowed to continue with its Black Friday sales but after putting into consideration what’s best for all retailers.

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