Turkey President Erdogan Supports Boycotts Against France Due to ‘Blasphemous Cartoon’

The President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan has urged his fellow citizens to cease buying goods from France due to some cartoon images being displayed across France of Prophet Mohammad.

I am calling to all my citizens from here to never help French brands or buy them,” said President Erdogan.

These images did not sit well with the president and other Muslim leaders who claim they amount to blasphemy against Islam.

On the same day President Erdogan made the sentiments, protestors across Bangladesh were holding placards with a caricature of French President Emmanuel Macron accompanied with word like “Macron is the enemy of peace”.

The parliament of Pakistan passed a proposal for its government to recall all its envoys in France.

These types of protests are gearing up across Muslim dominated in different places across the World.

In Kuwait City a supermarket dropped L’Oreal cosmetics and skincare products from its shelves after the cooperative union it subscribes to resolved to stop buying goods from France.

In Saudi Arabia, social media platforms were flooded with calls to boycott French supermarket chain Carrefour. A company representative of the supermarket in France said they are yet to feel any effect.

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