Pompeo Says U.S and Brazil Must Reduce Dependence on Chinese Imports

U.S secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that both the United States and Brazil need to reduce overdependence on critical imports from China. Pompeo believes doing so would do well for the security of the two countries.

He made the remarks during a virtual summit which strengthened business partnerships between the two countries. The summit also looked at how the two parties will increase ties after recovering from the pandemic.

To the extent we can find ways that we can increase the trade between our two countries, we can decrease each of our two nations’ dependence for critical items coming from China,” said Pompeo.

Pompeo emphasized on the importance of increasing ties between U.S and Brazil while on the other side reducing significant participation of China in their economies.

Each of our two peoples will be more secure, and each of our two nations will be far more prosperous, whether that’s two or five or 10 years from now,” added Pompeo.

United States has been seeing Brazil as a great power competition to China and it’s looking at increasing ties with between the two economies so as to counterbalance China. On the other side, Brazil wants to do the same however it finds itself in a quagmire since it exports much of its soy and iron ore to China.

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