China Reviews Laws Reinforcing Protection of Minors Online

The parliament of China revised laws concerning protection of persons under 18 online. According to the news first posted by state news agency Xinhua, providers of content and products online in China will be forced to take action if the situation concerns under 18’s.

The National People Congress Standing Committee voted for adoption of the revised laws which will come effective starting from 1st June 2021.

According to the revised law, internet product and service providers shall not offer minors products and services that induce addiction.

This law will affect various providers of online products and services including social media networks, live streaming for both audio and video and gaming platforms. These entities must set up corresponding functions such as consumption limits for minors and time.

Service providers are mandated with taking necessary measures to curb cyber bullying. Parents or guardians of cyber bullied minors have a right to inform service providers to disconnect, delete or block involved links.

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