Thailand Bans Demonstrations as Protests against Top Government Official Spikes

The government of Thailand has banned demonstrations and protests of whatever nature across the country due to increasing demonstrations against King Maha Vajiralongkorn and Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha.

The latest protests on the same took place on October 15 resulting whereby thousands of Thailand citizens turned up in the streets to protests. The situation escalated really fast resulting to the government declaring an immediate state of emergency further banning any additional protests of any nature.

Before 30 minutes were over after the state of emergency had been declared, riot police were spread on ground first task was to disburse a large crowd which was accused of disturbing a royal motorcade.

These protestors are pushing for the removal of the Prime Minister from office and adaption of a new constitution in the country.

Police announced they had arrested 20 protesters for refusing to follow orders directing them to clear off from the office of the Prime Minister. Thereafter another batch of protestors was also arrested.

The police did not reveal identity of those arrested but it is said among them include two very vocal critics of the monarch.

It is extremely necessary to introduce an urgent measure to end this situation effectively and promptly to maintain peace and order,” said the government.

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