Microsoft Denies Allegations of Plans to Double Number of High Ranking Black Employees

U.S based Technology Company Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) has denied allegations making rounds social platforms that it plans to increase diversity in its workplaces among employees by pumping in $150 million and doubling number of black employees in high ranking positions.

These reports were being spread around by the U.S. Department of Labor however the company has come out strongly denying them further terming the action as an illegal race discrimination.

This response comes a week after the company received a letter from the Labor Department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs in relation to an initiative announce by Microsoft’s CEO  Satya Nadella in June 23.

The company made this announcement four weeks after the controversial murder of George Floyd which led to demonstrations against racial discrimination and racial inequalities across the country.

General Counsel at Microsoft Dev Stahlkopf said as much as the content of the letter seemed to indicate that the employment action would be taken on racial basis that wasn’t the aim of the exercise. She also urged the company to prove the employment action is not racially biased.

We are clear that the law prohibits us from discriminating on the basis of race. We hire and promote the most qualified person. And nothing we announced in June changes that,” added Stahlkopf.

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