Suspicious Logins Reported by Tyler Technologies Days After it Had Been Hacked

Largest provider of software to the private sector in the United States Tyler Technologies Inc. (TYL) has reported suspicious logins just days after the company announced that it had been hacked by a ransomware.

The company said multiple clients reported suspicious logins in their accounts on September 28. On the specific day the company said it had received reports of several suspicious logins to client systems.

The affected systems belong to entities distributed across different states and cities in the United States. In addition the company said the hack only targeted its internal systems.

Following the unfortunate incidence, the company urged affected clients to test their passwords that its staff would use to access the customer versions of its software.

The company has since reached the FBI to secure its assistance in the matter nonetheless, the company declined revealing which clients had reported suspicious logins or at what time they occurred.

The company provides multiple software services to local governments among them including software to dispatch police in emergency situations and to display local information, including election results.

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