Democrats in U.S House of Representative Preparing a $2.2 Trillion Pandemic Stimulus Package

Richard Neal a member of the Democratic Party and a U.S. Representative for Massachusetts has revealed that democrats in the House of Representatives are preparing a $2.2 trillion stimulus package for the pandemic.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says she is ready to discuss with White House on the matter. The package could be voted in come next week.

Talks for extra stimulus package for the pandemic have been on a halt now for seven weeks now Neal who also serves as House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, said the negotiations kicked off this week after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said lawmakers needed to do more in supporting the U.S economy get back into shape.

The contours are already there. I think now it’s about time frame and things like that. I assume, since the House is scheduled to break for the election cycle, then I think next week’s appropriate” said Neal.

Republican leader in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy, dismissed the development as partisan. The speaker has been facing heat from legislators who claim they want to see bipartisan proposals which have a possibility of becoming laws.

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