Two Shopify Employees Attempt to Steal Customers’ User Data

Ottawa based e-commerce company Shopify Inc. (SHOP) has come out to reveal two of its employees attempted to steal transaction records of its customers. Targeted transactions were the ones for clients with less than 200 merchants.

The company said exposed client’s data included name, address, email and other personal records. Nonetheless, the attempted theft did not include any financial information or complete payment card numbers.

The two employees involved were part of its support team, following the ordeal Shopify ceased access of the individuals to their network with immediate effect further forwarding the matter to Federal Bureau of Investigation and other investigative bodies to investigate more on it.

Without a doubt, online retailers have been reaping big during the pandemic time, Shopify hasn’t been left out. Business for the online retailer has been booming forcing its stock to more than double its value this year.

Due to the increase Shopify is now the second most valuable company in Canada with a market valuation of around $111 billion.

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