Intel Secures License to Continue Supplying Huawei

Technology company Intel Corporation (INTC) announced having secured a license from the government of United States to continue supplying blacklisted Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies with various products.

The news was announced by Intel’s spokesperson a month ago, the company had confirmed having applied for the license only waiting for approval from involved authorities.

Things started going south for Huawei when U.S accused it of using its services to spy for the Chinese government but the company strongly denied the allegations. Thereafter, U.S banned Huawei from undertaking any 5G project in the country.

The U.S went further persuading its allies mostly in Europe who also boycotted Huawei’s 5G services. Last year Huawei was banned from using Google’s android services from its smartphones. It didn’t stop there, earlier in the year Trump’s administration banned Huawei from using chips from U.S or even those manufactured elsewhere but using U.S software or technology.

Last week China based Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (0981) took a similar move announcing having applied for a license to continue supplying Huawei with products. SMIC uses U.S equipment and technology to manufacture chips.

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