Huawei Set to Introduce Its Smartphone Operating System ‘Harmony OS’

Leading Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies is looking forward to introduce its own smartphone operating system dubbed ‘Harmony OS’ which will rival dominant Google owned Android operating system.

This information was revealed by the company’s head as consumer business Richard Yu, who said the OS will be launched next year. Huawei has already developed a 2.1 version of the OS which was launched last year.

Yu made the revelation during Huawei’s annual developers’ conference held in the southern Chinese city of Dongguan. Additionally, the head of consumer business said developers are currently working on a better version of the OS and they will be through by December.

Huawei has been on a prolonged dispute with the United States following spying allegations leveled against the company. This resulted to Huawei being barred from using Google Mobile Services (GMS) in their new smartphone models May last year.

Two months later, Trump’s administration slapped Huawei with additional restrictions by barring them from procuring semiconductors from the country without a special license even including those manufactured by foreign companies developed by U.S software or technology.

This caused the company to register declined overseas sales last year but domestic sales increased.

Yu said Huawei shipped 240 million smartphones in 2019 taking the number two position in the smartphone market. The company is highly betting on the Harmony OS to pose a major threat to Google’s Android operating system.


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