ByteDance to Dish Out Cash Bonuses to Employees to Help Them Overcome Challenging Times

ByteDance the parent company of short video sharing app Tiktok has announced that it will be dishing out cash bonuses to its employees to help them overcome challenges and inefficiencies brought about by coronavirus pandemic.

According to the company’s internal memo full time employees who have worked equal or more than 26 days between July and August will receive a bonus totaling to half of their August’s basic salary.

The company will be giving out the bonuses to all its 60,000 employees worldwide.

ByteDance has been on loggerhead with Trump’s administration concerning security of user data. The company is left without an alternative rather than selling its U.S operations to an American entity.

Former Chief executive of TikTok Kevin Mayer had to resign three months after taking over the position due to the wrangles between the company and the U.S government. TikTok is saying these challenges have been mentally and emotionally draining to their employees hence that’s why it decided to give them bonuses.

A similar scenario also happened last year after embattled Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies decided to hand out $293 million cash bonuses to its employees following its prolonged dispute with arising from spying allegations.

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