Apple Set to Unveil 5G Enabled IPhone Models Next Month

Finally, the long awaited 5G enabled IPhone will be hitting the markets soon, IPhone maker Apple Inc. (AAPL) has revealed that it will be unveiling its first 5G enabled IPhones next month. This news was first reported on Bloomberg news.

Apple is looking forward to launching 4 different 5G enabled IPhone models. These models will be having different designs and a wider choice of screen size. Additionally Apple will also launch a low priced line of IPhones.

According to the Bloomberg post, Apple has already instructed suppliers to manufacture at least 75 million 5G iPhones before the year is over. Further, the suppliers are also expected to make a new iPad Air, a relatively smaller Home Pod and new Apple watch models.

Insider sources say the company is expecting shipments of these new devices to go as high as 80 million units before the year wraps up.

The new iPad Air will be having an edge to edge iPad Pro like screen in addition, the company is set to launch its first ever over ear headphones outside Beats brand.

The Bloomberg report also claims Apple has been developing an integrated Apple TV box equipped with a faster processor and an integrated remote control for better gaming.

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