China and U.S Agree to Continue With Trade Talks

The spokesman of China’s commerce ministry Gao Feng, said that China and United states had agreed to restart trade talks in the near future to assess the progress of a phase 1 trade deal the two countries entered back in February.

The spokesman made the sentiments during an online weekly briefing however, he did not elaborate more into the matter like going into specifics what areas they will be accessing.

The two sides reached a trade agreement on January 15 after a tiresome 2 years of never ending trade disputes between the two countries. Thereafter, the agreement was to take effect after one month.

In the agreement, China agreed to buy manufactured goods and farm produces from United States.

However, with global breakout of deadly coronavirus issues agreed on the deal started moving south again very fast with each side pointing accusing fingers on the other concerning the virus.

Among the major issue the world’s two largest economies have been clashing on recently are Hong Kong and Chinese short video sharing app TikTok.

Earlier in the Week, President Trump said he had postponed meetings slated for this month to assess the trade deal. Trump cited China’s way of handling the pandemic as the main reason for postponing the meetings.

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